Internet Traffic Formula Video 1 of 4 Review Vick Strizheus

Internet Traffic Formula Video 1 of 4 Review Vick Strizheus

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Internet Traffic Formula Video 1 – The 3 Pillars This product consists of 3 main pillars covering all aspects, from traffic generation to monetizing your leads!

Pillar #1 – Capture Mastery

Pillar #2 – Traffic Mastery


Pillar #3 – Conversion Mastery

This is a 12 part course on how to drive traffic from paid and free sources. Vick explains where to go to get an abundance of traffic and how to simple command as much traffic as you want – like turning on a faucet!

He will show you where to go, how to get it and how to track it in this very indepth 12 part course!

In this section, Vick, explains to you how to work your leads. How to position yourself and how to monetize them. He talks about his


1st. Capture Mastery.

This is all about mastering the art of capturing traffic and turning them into leads on your email list. This is where you start to learn what the experts know about getting the most people to enter in their information when they land on your website or landing page.

Getting traffic is great but getting that traffic to take an action and do something when they get there – that is a whole new ball game. When you get 1000 people to a website,

what are they doing when they get there? Well, here on step number one is all you need to know to really get as much of that traffic to do what you want them to do when they land on your website.


Vick gets about 80% optin rates and he has taught average people like you and me to get similar results as him. So he knows what he is talking about in this area.

2nd. Traffic Mastery.

Now that you know where to send your traffic and the best practices on getting that traffic to take action – then whats the next step?! It’s getting actual TRAFFIC! yes, now lets actually get some traffic.

Internet Traffic Formula Video 1


Who better to learn from then someone who has brought over 500,000 people to a website in ONE SINGLE DAY! yes, Vick is known to bring hundreds of thousands of people to a website in one day. So who better to learn from?

Here are the traffic modules listed and in order from how it is actually shown in the product itself. If you want a more detailed inside look then make sure you watch that video at the top of this post where I go in more detail and let you in on the inside!

• Module 1: Media Traffic X
• Module 2: The OPL Method
• Module 3: The Traffic Agencies
• Module 4: The Penny traffic
• Module 5: PPC Traffic
• Module 6: Mobile Traffic
• Module 7: Facebook Traffic X (for beginners)
• Module 8: Facebook Traffic X (for pros)
• Module 9: Social Media Traffic
• Module 10: Video Traffic
• Module 11: CPA Traffic Secrets

3rd. Conversion Mastery.

Now It’s time to get down to business. Yes I believe this is the MOST important part of the equation of successful online business practices. I have personally brought tens of thousands of people to a webpage myself in a matter of hours and have brought in over 2000+ targeted leads in a day that took action. All good and dandy.

But what I think is the most important is getting those leads to take action and become paying customers of yours. This is where you learn how to actually stop calling people leads and actually see them as PEOPLE. I know – what a concept hey.
They are actually real people that have real lives and have real dreams and goals. Here in the third section of the Internet Traffic Formula you will learn how to build that relationship with your traffic. So they see you as an expert and build a relationship with those people.

Internet Traffic Formula Video 1

This is when you can really increase your conversions and sales. My favorite module.It doesn’t matter if you are a member of Empower Network or not, it doesn’t matter if your promoting clickbank products or healthy vitamin juice, it doesn’t matter if you in the next best MLM or network marketing deal. We can all agree that traffic and conversions is the life blood of the business and where you will make most of your money.

I have been following Vick for 2+ years now and have bought almost all the products he has come out with. I believe this is by far the BEST of them all and will really skyrocket your online or even offline business.

Internet Traffic Formula Video 1

So to conclude this Internet Traffic Formula Review – buy it period. It doesn’t matter where ow who you buy it from or how you come across it, get that information, digest it and you will find something in there that will expand your business no matter how small or big your business is right now – there is something in this product for you.

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