Magnetic Funnel Secrets By My Mentor Vick Strizheus

Magnetic Funnel Secrets By My Mentor Vick Strizheus

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How to create a funnel that makes people want to buy your stuff?

Let me ask you is it worth watching this Training?


If your answer is YES then…

This New ‘Twist’ on How to Dominate the Market will be very Stealthy.
One thing I can guarantee you and that is you won’t find this type of training anywhere
on the internet even if you were willing to pay for it.

Here is a little breakdown of what my mentor Vick Strizheus Explains:

The Formula (Secret Sauce)
-Decide that you are going to make a CHANGE
-Pick a product to promote
-Send Traffic – Traffic is never an issue


Typical Marketer Funnel looks like this – Traffic — Landing / OPT IN page — OFFER

Lead Magnet, Value, Bonding…
-A free offer in exchange for an email address
-Give your ‘lead magnet’ a cool name
-Don’t mention the actual product or a company you are promoting
-Practice “Results In Advance” method

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-Produce GetResponse auto responder
-Lead Magnet: Awesome tool that creates landing page
-Intention: value, bonding, fans, sale

Magnetic Funnel Secrets By My Mentor Vick Strizheus


Big Idea Mastermind
-Product: Empower Network product line — it’s a Direct sales company
-BIM it’s a driving force behind it
-Lead Magnet: different ones (will show)
-Intention: starting a movement, team, duplication, big vision, big difference, transformation, sales

Call To Action
-Be very clear and specific on your call to action
-Have 1000% personal conviction on what you are selling is worth selling
-If you want to succeed focus on what you have in front of you, don’t go left or right
-Expect them to buy
-When your team succeed, you will never have to worry about your success
-Special bounces
-Specific deadlines

Magnetic Funnel Secrets By My Mentor Vick Strizheus

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Magnetic Funnel Secrets By My Mentor Vick Strizheus

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